Psychotherapy in Harley St, London W1

Folks from many different walks of life look for psychotherapy in Harley St, London W1. My peaceful clinic room is in a central location, very close to Oxford Circus. It provides a quiet, safe place to explore problems.

We all experience problems; pain, difficulty, frustration, conflict. Patterns repeat themselves and don’t seem to change. Sometimes the difficulty might be rooted in the past, but it feels firmly stuck in the present. And worryingly – it might look like it will influence the future.

Speaking to a friend or a loved one can be useful, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Jon Gee - Psychotherapy in Harley St London W1

Psychotherapy is about beginning to unravel and examine such difficulties. It can start to shine some light into those places that seem at times elusive, confusing, or even downright scary. By taking things at the right pace, what at first scary seems scary, can start to feel a little more manageable.

And once things are manageable, we can start to reclaim our lives.

Psychotherapy is a time for you, and a time for change.

Jon Gee - Psychotherapy in Harley St London W1

What is transpersonal & integrative psychotherapy?

Transpersonal and Integrative psychotherapy uses approaches from Humanistic, Existential, Psychodynamic, Jungian and Transpersonal schools of thought. Rather than only looking through one lens, a variety of lenses can be used to gain more clarity and insight into an individual’s condition. Much will depend on what is required, and what suits each individual client.

Transpersonal psychotherapy considers the heart as an important central component of our experience. It works towards nourishing the heart, and examining the shadows that sometimes cast across our capacity to love and cherish ourselves and others. Transpersonal psychotherapy considers the development and balancing of qualities to be of importance in realising our full potential for growth and transformation.

How often do psychotherapy sessions take place?

Psychotherapy sessions are held weekly and last for 50 minutes.

Where do psychotherapy sessions take place?

Psychotherapy and counselling sessions are held at 1 Harley St, London W1 and also on Skype, Zoom and Facetime.

To inquire about psychotherapy in Harley St London W1 please contact me either via the contact form below, or by phone.

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