Coaching & Consultancy

I offer transformational coaching and consultancy to individuals and organisations.

I have many years of experience working in high pressure environments with people who are fastidious and extremely focused. Much of my experience has been leading freelance teams for high end clients across multiple industries/locations. Industries I have worked in include live events such as opera, film/tv, corporate, and complementary and psychological healthcare. I have worked closely with countless clients working for large corporations in finance, arts, law and technology.

My experience in business and professional life has been consolidated by many years of formal, psychological training. Whilst I enjoy working empathically and compassionately as a coach, I retain a pragmatic edge, which can be useful in exploring the practicalities of life and work.

In addition to using a mindful approach to working with emotional intelligence, leadership, communication and management skills, negotiation, conflict resolution, and presentation skills, I also coach clients who experience anxiety, stress, depression, anger, boundary, burnout and bullying issues.

I can help support and encourage your transformation, whilst you remain in the driving seat.

Jon Gee - Psychotherapy in Harley St London W1

How do you support organisations?

In addition to transformational and executive coaching I work in organisational consultancy.

My work involves troubleshooting interpersonal dynamics, processes or productivity, in order to improve the engagement and experience of all those involved.

Through working as coach or consultant with you and/or your organisation, I can help you achieve a clear understanding of exactly what needs to change, how it needs to change, how to manage that change effectively, and how you will measure results.

Is your coaching and consultancy practice in London, or online?

My coaching and consultancy practice is currently run online on Zoom.

How often do coaching and consultancy sessions take place?

Coaching and consultancy sessions are arranged according to the needs of you and your organisation.

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