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​What’s the problem?

Technology and the world has changed. Coronavirus has meant that many teams are working remotely for the first time. Infrastructures such as formal and informal communication systems now suddenly seem inefficient or even redundant. With old ways of communicating irreversibly in decline, even those with years of leadership experience can struggle.

Many entrepreneurs, managers and leaders were never taught how to build and maintain healthy relationships with both self and other, never mind on online platforms. There are many things in business that are difficult to manage and predict, therefore developing healthy, communicative relationships with team members can provide a foundational layer of stability when things are feeling challenging.

In addition, workers are now more likely to be freelance / self-employed. This means they are comfortable with fluidity and they expect choice in the workplace. It is now much more common for the modern workforce to shift roles, companies and bosses with relative ease. This presents an additional challenge for the modern boss, and one that might provide even more uncertainty.

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Why might you be the right coach/consultant for me?

I don’t know if I am. But I do know that a good coach/consultant will listen to and focus on the needs of their client, and have the insight, intelligence and communications skills to be able to work in a way that will suit the individual or organisation they are working with. In addition, I know that having a background that complements the needs of the client can also be helpful.

I have many years of experience working in high pressure, unstable environments. Much of my experience has been leading remote, freelance teams for high end clients across multiple industries/locations. I have learnt the hard way how important it is to maximise team engagement, consistency and loyalty. My mistakes have taught me that that losing key team members can be costly, time consuming, disruptive to morale, and set businesses back considerably.

I have had mentored freelancers for over a decade, have built a longstanding, successful small business, and worked with countless clients working for large corporations. My experience in business and professional life has been consolidated by many years of formal, psychological training. Whilst I enjoy working empathically and compassionately as a coach, I retain a sharp business edge.

​What solutions do you offer as a coach/consultant?

As we have seen, old school ways of managing teams can be insufficient and lead to crisis and conflict. New technologies such as Slack and Zoom are helpful, but only if they are used with an understanding of how and why individuals and teams enjoy engaging with such platforms, and indeed, the challenges those platforms bring. Therefore, in order to find 21st century solutions, newer models of leadership that take into account the current zeitgeist can be combined with old, time – tested methods.

One of the fundamental assets of an agile leader is emotional intelligence. Whilst some believe this is difficult to teach, I strongly believe that we can all develop our emotional intelligence. When a leader focuses on learning and developing such a skill, they achieve insights, and the ability to see where things go wrong, and why. Emotional intelligence gives a leader the ability to make the right calls, and in doing so, saves unnecessary pain and cost. Furthermore, data shows that emotional intelligence leads to greater team cohesion, better performance and productivity, and better overall results.

In addition to working with emotional intelligence, I coach clients who experience anxiety and anger issues. I teach skills such as mindfulness, conflict resolution, negotiation, and presentation skills. Whether you are soft and feel you need to become hard, or hard and you need to become soft, I can help you flow between both.

Jon Gee - Psychotherapy in Harley St London W1

Do you work with organisations?

Yes. In addition to executive coaching and leadership I work in organisational consultancy.

Most business start out with a plan, but things often move quickly. That’s good, right? However in these cases there has usually never felt like there’s been time to stop and take stock of the bigger picture.

Zooming out (sorry, I know you’re sick of Zoom already) and getting a bigger picture can be extremely useful. I can help you review your business and, by working together, we can review an overview of the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities that might have become blurred or murky. Furthermore, interpersonal dynamics can be ironed out and improved, and business efficiency and productivity restored.

Through working as coach or consultant with you and/or your organisation, I can help you distill a clear vision, name clear goals and manage change with clear accountability of all those involved.

Is your coaching and consultancy practice in London, or online?

My coaching and consultancy practice is currently run online on Zoom.

How often do coaching and consultancy sessions take place?

Coaching and consultancy sessions are arranged according to the needs of you and your organisation.

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