I help highly driven people achieve change via online psychotherapy, or coaching/consultancy.

My online psychotherapy practice supports the healing and transformation of emotional, psychological and physical trauma.

My coaching and consultancy helps entrepreneurs, leaders, businesses and organisations change from the inside out.

I bring 15 years of bodywork, yoga, and mindfulness teaching experience, plus over 28 years experience in running small businesses.

I spent 12 years running a successful practice in Mayfair and Harley Street, London W1, and now work exclusively online, via Zoom.

For confidential, non-judgemental support please get in touch.

Jon Gee - Psychotherapy, Bodywork, Yoga, Mindfulness. London & Skype

Jon teaches you how to let go of long-held tension, both physical and mental, and shows you how the physical and mental realms are intimately connected.

For me the experience is one of finally learning how to relax, after years of being constantly tense and stuck in ‘fight or flight’ mode. The sessions with Jon have gradually changed my outlook on life, work and relationships, and I think my friends and family would tell you I am a far more relaxed and harmonious person to spend time with these days! I feel far more physically and emotionally aware of both myself and others, but this is coupled with a great sense of calm and a huge absence of all the ‘mental noise’ and physical stress that used to accompany me.

In short, if it works for you as it has for me, Jon’s physical and mental ‘mindfulness’ teaching can help you gain the space to become yourself. And to become calmer, happier, and healthier in the process. I’d recommend him to anyone suffering of physical or mental pain of any kind. Thank you Jon!


In less than 4 visits…I have noticed a significant change for the better. I have benefited immensely from each session on both a physical and mental level. My problem areas have improved to a point where I am much more able to continue day to day without the pain and distraction I had previously experienced.

There is no ‘magic silver bullet’ for any form of treatment, yet in Jon Gee I have found someone who not only demonstrates complete integrity and dedication to his profession, but is also extremely conscientious. In my eyes, he truly is a master of his art and to whom I have absolute faith and trust.


Jon’s approach to treatment is extremely focused and tailored. He has a great understanding of the human body and is a natural healer. I recommend him whole heartedly and would not hesitate to consult him before any other therapist / physio. Thank you, Jon


Jon is a deeply heartful, intelligent and insightful therapist who brings all of himself to the therapy room. With the capacity to understand professional boundaries and the insight to know when they need to be relaxed, Jon honours his clients and his role in their therapeutic journey. He listens with archetypal wisdom and offers interventions with a tender respect borne of a deep appreciation of vulnerability. He also has the rare ability to contain the angry wounding of psychotic clients.


How do you work with the body?

The body holds trauma, and it’s incredibly efficient at keeping this trauma hidden away. Working with the body is an important part of understanding of how and why your emotional or psychological upset might be manifesting or reoccurring.

I meet many clients who have been on a long and frustrating journey through several different modalities, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, counselling, massage etc. They have found there is rarely a ‘magic pill’ that makes pain go away, and stay away.

With a broader perspective and deeper understanding of their condition, they understand everyone is unique. The most effective treatment is usually a wise variety of lifestyle adjustments alongside well matched therapeutic assistance.

Our wounds should always be addressed with care. I will support a gentle relationship-building between mind and body. This gradual process will feel like you are making new friends – with different parts of yourself. We will achieve this through inquiry, and I may invite you to explore breath and movement. The principles of Mindfulness are interwoven throughout all the work I do.

I do not offer manual physical therapy.  However, the work I do offer can be complementary to other therapeutic work you may be currently engaged in (or have done in the past) such as massage, cranio-sacral therapy, osteopathy or physiotherapy.

How many sessions will I need?

That will depend on what you are looking for. Once you have had an initial session you can decide whether I might be of service to you. Should you wish to continue, we would usually work towards six initial sessions. After that we will decide if and how you would like to move forward. It can be time limited or indefinite.

Whether Psychotherapy, or Coaching/Consultancy, I believe that consistency and practice supports effective learning, especially in the initial stages. This helps to circumvent feedback loops, reestablish new patterns and consolidate learning.

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