In my practice I meet many people whom are put off by ideas of ‘over-achieving bendy gymnastics in lycra’, or ‘spiritual mumbo jumbo’.

Yoga means ‘Union of the self’. That does not mean being able to do ‘impressive’ postures. It means the exploration and integration of different parts of ourselves. It might mean simply developing a better relationship with our tight, painful hamstrings. It might mean discovering an entirely new path in life. For most of us, it means something in the middle.

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Yoga takes many forms, and continues to be in ever evolving development. I believe that having a non-dogmatic, creative, open approach to what is essentially relationship development work assists in the work itself. Exploring and deepening the relationship with ourselves with an open heart positively influences our wider relationships.

Like mindfulness, these teachings can begin in simple ways, with discovering how the breath meets the body, and how the body meets the earth. I enjoy sharing the life-affirming techniques and teachings that I have found helpful.

I have been taught and teacher-trained by several senior certified Ashtanga yoga teachers, and I bring to my teaching practice over fifteen years of mindfulness, bodywork and psychotherapy experience.

Jon Gee - Yoga


There are many different forms of meditation, and historically meditation is found in all spiritual practices and belief systems. In the 21st century one form of meditation has been popularised by a rebranding as ‘mindfulness’. Where previously meditation was seen as the preserve of spiritual types, now it has become accepted into the mainstream, with schools, hospitals, offices and even armies enjoying its benefits.

Meditation can be seen as tool for focus. It can provide a valuable life skill in helping to bring us back from unhelpful or distracting thought patterns to a sense of clarity in the present moment.

For that reason it is hugely popular with all types of people for whom a steadier, calmer, clearer mind might be a benefit.

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How often, and where do yoga and meditation sessions take place?

I incorporate yoga and meditation sessions as part of either my online psychotherapy, or coaching and consultancy sessions. I do not offer them as individual, standalone treatments. Within these sessions I may work with you to design a manageable, realistic yoga or meditation practice that you can incorporate into your daily life. Your personal practice might start with just a few minutes each day.

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