When our bodies are in pain, it can feel very frightening. We might begin our journey with a visit to a G.P., before being referred to a Physiotherapist. If that doesn’t work we might try a Bodyworker such as an Osteopath, Chiropractor, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Remedial Massage Therapist, or Soft Tissue Therapist. Sometimes we might see a Psychotherapist, as no matter what we are doing, the pain still doesn’t go away.

Bodywork is a generic term that describes the practice of working with the body. A Bodyworker is someone who specialises in relieving pain and dysfunction in the body. The training, background and interests of the Bodyworker, amongst other factors, will influence their ability to help.

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About my Bodywork

I began work as a sports and remedial massage / soft tissue therapist in 2004. Clients came to see me with physical pain and stress. I noticed holding patterns in the body, and utilised my mindfulness and meditation training to help explore breathing function, and help others gain greater awareness of physicality. I found this very exciting, and it encouraged me to explore further.

Clients began to arrive with different presentations of pain, in stomach, abdomen, chest, pelvis and neck, I went on to train in techniques such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. I began to work releasing deeply held tensions and traumas within the body. I developed an interest in working with scar tissue, easing uncomfortable restrictions caused by post-surgery hysterectomies, caesarean sections (C sections) and implants.

My experiences in weightlifting, climbing, diving, martial arts, dance, and the performing arts helped me to understand movement, and physical movement patterns. I developed a daily practice in Ashtanga yoga, and qualified as a yoga teacher. This background helped me understand clients’ movement dysfunction, and I provided bespoke, helpful routines that strengthened and supported the physical structure.

When my clients began to discuss their deeper personal concerns, I became interested in how talking therapy could help. I went on to train and qualify as a Psychotherapist.

How does Bodywork form part of your Psychotherapy practice?

I began work as a Psychotherapist whilst practicing as a Bodyworker, and I gained a felt sense of how the body can hold emotional and psychological pain and trauma. Such pain can have a direct relationship with current breathing and movement patterns.

During a psychotherapy session I often invite the client to reflect on the felt sense of their body. It can be a useful point of reference and a powerful resource. It can provide a better understanding of feelings and emotions. It can offer deeper insights and increase self knowledge. Such self knowledge can expand the choices that we have available to us.

Although it might not always feel that way, the body can be a place to feel safe and grounded.

The process of getting to know one’s own body and internal processes can feel quite difficult to imagine, and might even feel like an impossible task. This is especially true if one feels disconnected or alienated from the body. It is important therefore that this process is gentle and only happens in manageable, incremental stages. Every one is different, and everyone works at a different speed.

Exploring our experience in a safe, accepting, non judgemental space can provide healing, not to mention the relief of a heavy burden that may have been carried for many years.

Do you provide hands on treatments?

I do not provide remedial hands-on treatments, although in some circumstances I may use a very light touch as part of psychotherapy work. This is always agreed with the client before hand, and does not constitute any form of massage-type treatment.

How often, and where do bodywork sessions take place?

I offer bodywork as part of my psychotherapy practice. Find out more about my online psychotherapy practice.

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