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After living an extreme lifestyle as a youth, I began a career as a trapeze artist. I moved on to become a specialist live events technician, working internationally in corporate events / opera / music / film and TV. My job involved negotiating contracts and projects with world class directors, producers and technicians, and establishing and monitoring performers’ safety at height. Everything had to be undertaken calmly, with absolute attention to detail.

I began to notice the effects of stress on myself and others, and I wished to work in a more therapeutic capacity…

Jon Gee Harley St London W1 Psychotherapist, Bodyworker, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

I retrained and specialised in facilitating pain and stress relief through mindfulness, body awareness/movement, & deep tissue bodywork. I founded a therapy business, training and managing a team of therapists working across four busy central London locations. I found we especially attracted professionals working in high pressure environments such as tech, finance, law, and the media/arts.

In this work I further discovered how emotional and psychological patterns can impact the body. I completed a UK-based postgraduate Psychotherapy & Counselling diploma on a UKCP / BACP accredited course, and moved on to become a UKCP-accredited, BACP-registered Transpersonal & Integrative Psychotherapist. Further post-qualification training led me to become a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist with the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (USA/Europe).

Part of my early training was working in a psychiatric intensive care unit with South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. Here I was deeply humbled, and acutely reminded that the human psyche is fragile, and that mental health is no respecter of material status, education or background.

There are different routes into getting ‘to know thyself’. I found that a yoga and meditation practice helps maintain a connection with the realms of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. I wanted to share that experience also, and trained as a yoga teacher with several senior accredited Ashtanga yoga teachers.

We all have problems from time to time. Too much drive, or the frustrating lack of it. The pressure to succeed, or the fear of success. Wanting connection, or pushing it away. Keeping the peace, or creating disorder.

I believe that the keys to transformation are ultimately held within. Keys however, are easy to misplace when one feels anxious, depressed, frustrated, confused, sad, angry, stuck, or in pain. I enjoy supporting others in their search to unlock their capacity for positive change…

Listening to feedback during a bodywork workshop
Listening to feedback during a bodywork workshop

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