Transpersonal & Integrative Psychotherapy

Transpersonal & Integrative Psychotherapy uses approaches from Humanistic, Existential, Psychodynamic, Jungian and Transpersonal schools of thought. Rather than only looking through one lens, a variety of lenses can be used to gain more clarity and insight into an individual’s condition. Much will depend on what is required, and what suits each individual client.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy considers the heart as an important central component of our experience. It works towards nourishing the heart, and examining the shadows that sometimes cast across our capacity to love and cherish ourselves and others. Transpersonal Psychotherapy considers the development and balancing of qualities to be of importance in realising our full potential for growth and transformation.

Many clients are drawn to Transpersonal Psychotherapy through an interest in spirituality, or meditation. A good Transpersonal Psychotherapist would never seek to impose a spiritual viewpoint, but rather would be curious as to the experience of the client themselves.

Jon Gee - Psychotherapy in Harley St London W1

What might I expect in a Transpersonal & Integrative Psychotherapy session?

Transpersonal & Integrative Psychoherapy offers space to reflect on past and present experiences. I like to work creatively and find the use of metaphor helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of experience, and the meaning of that experience. In addition, creativity can be explored further. Clients, even when they don’t consider themselves ‘creative’, might enjoy using a variety of different ways of exploring self, including visualisations, coloured pencils and crayons, collage, movement and even playing a favourite piece of music. I sometimes work with dreams, visions, or other powerful visual or auditory experiences a client has had. Working with creativity can help us access the deeper, unconscious, or split off parts of our self in a way that feels both gentle and profound.

I also work with the body. You can read more about that in the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy section. 
Most importantly, every person is different. I work collaboratively, so that we will always track and follow what is, and isn’t working for you.


Jon Gee - Psychotherapy in Harley St London W1

Do you practice Transpersonal Psychotherapy in London, or online?

I am currently based in London and run my online psychotherapy practice online on Zoom. I can also work on Skype and Facetime.

Is there a difference between online psychotherapy sessions and face to face psychotherapy sessions?

Great question! Some folks are concerned that online psychotherapy sessions might not match the same experience as face to face (in the same physical room) psychotherapy sessions. They’re right – they don’t.

I have worked as online psychotherapist for a number of years and found that, like any therapy, the most important factor in achieving success is collaboration and communication. Of course, there are limitations working online. I won’t always be able to pick up on all body language, such as feet and hands – but I’ll encourage you to let me know when you notice things moving and shifting! Creative solutions can and do grow from limitations (and it can be fun too!). In addition to the limitations, there are also advantages. For example clients can find some things easier to say from behind a screen. As a result working online can actually deepen connections and lead to exciting explorations, of both relationship, and self. Furthermore, if you are working from home, having an online therapy session means you might not have to rush out onto the streets post-session. This can allow you time to process and assimilate the work that has been done during the session. Read more here on how to make a great video call.

How often do online Transpersonal & Integrative Psychotherapy sessions take place?

Online Transpersonal & Integrative Psychotherapy sessions are held weekly and last for 50 minutes.

Where do sessions take place?

Online Transpersonal & Integrative Psychotherapy sessions take place on Zoom. I can also work on Skype and Facetime.

Booking & Fees

My current fees for online psychotherapy can be found here.

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