Exploring a Heart of Self Compassion

Exploring a Heart of Self Compassion

A weekend of mindfulness, movement-based body awareness and exploration of the self.

Those driven by success, or weighed down by the fear of failure can experience a hard, cruel, goal-orientated taskmaster living within.

The relentless drive forward creates stress, which manifests as recurring patterns of pain, relationship difficulties, illness and disease.

So how might it be possible to balance achieving goals, and experiencing life with less stress?

At the core of yoga, Buddhist and Sufi thought and transpersonal psychotherapy lies the heart. Our hearts are often fiercely protected, as within lies our vulnerability. However, this is also where we find our capacity for self-compassion, self-soothing, and self-healing. It is through our hearts that we connect with ourselves and others.

This 2 day workshop will begin with an introduction to mindfulness. We will go on to explore how our physicality is interrelated with our emotional and psychological states. By learning to observe the nature of our experience with more clarity, we will be better placed to consider the deeper physical, emotional and psychological containers that hold and protect our hearts.

When / Where / How Much?

For next workshop dates please contact me.

Venue: Islington, London.
Investment: £250.

How do I book?

To apply to book please contact me.